Welcome to Northome!

Northome is near the shore of Bartlett Lake and only a couple miles north of Island Lake. Located at the apex of three state highways you can find everything needed for comfortable living – groceries, hardware, health clinic, churches, craft shop, auto body, gas station, post office, banking, library, farmers market, K-12 school, local newspaper, beauty salon, and great dining.

Let the wilderness surround you. Fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, canoeing, biking, ice skating, camping, snowmobiling, berry picking – activities for all seasons.

Experience the awakening of Spring as the ice breaks loose from the shores, the bears begin wandering from their winter dens and the loons return to the lakes. Wake on a Summer morning with the loon’s call interrupting the morning hush while the stillness and freshness of the morning air is being warmed by the rays of sunrise. Set off through the rustling leaves of Fall, smell the sweet scents of the forest and see the red, orange, yellow and rust colors bursting forth from every tree and bush. Enjoy the bearsparkling snow of Winter on skis or snowmobile. The solitude and beauty add to the experience that only the wilderness can offer.

Join us at our Northome Community Facebook page!   Where you can meet the people in our community and find out the latest things that are happening!


Header Photo of Sunset Over Island Lake by Shelby Knaeble

Photo of Sunset over Bartlett Lake by Richelle Lindner

Richelle Lindner

All other photos by RenaFaye Productions13600035_10154528562831992_3279241216892717031_n